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Cloud is easy!

We give simple cloud computing in a way that we developers and companies can I will dedicated a lot of time to the creation of software that increases productivity


We are an international leader in call center software services and cloud solutions. We support professionals and SMEs in the management of their company to improve productivity and simplify daily processes. We offer a range of solutions and services that can be used in ‘Do it yourself’ or fully managed mode thanks to our Customer Care teams, a fully integrated platform and proprietary technological infrastructure, based on a proprietary Data Center as well as a network international.


Propose simple but at the same time scalable solutions in the cloud environment that guarantee high performance and reliability.


Making technology accessible to improve processes and allow increased productivity thanks to continuous and constant innovation


Customers, innovation and concreteness. At the heart of our strategy there is always the customer who uses our innovative and reliable systems

Easy Cloud Solution

We realize solutions for Companies and for Developers in degree of accelerating their business using cloud computing. We provide full support to develop a virtual infrastructure, store and share data, prepare for disaster recovery capabilities, outsource backups or even develop a SaaS offering from your own software.


We make cloud computing simple so developers and businesses can adopt solutions that increase productivity.


Our core solutions are SiDIal, a call center software, and NetGolem a solution that offers scalable, developer-friendly cloud computing services.

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Get in touch with our team to request information about our solutions for your business. Share your ideas with our team!

Get in touch with our team to request information about our solutions for your business.

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